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Safe drinking water and wastewater white papers


Definition: The term "white paper" according to Webster's dictionary, was coined in 1899 to apply to non-governmental reports and research documents. In today's usage, a white paper generally is a report written by a researcher or top executive of a company to explain new findings, a new product or technology or to describe to a wider audience how to solve a specific problem. White papers usually are not subject to peer review.

Black and Veatch: Climate Change and the UK Water Industry: Stepping up to the Challenge
By Dan McCarthy, President and CEO of Black and Veatch Water. In this white paper (July 7, 2008) McCarthy cited three key challenges surrounding the UK water industry’s response to climate change, including water scarcity, flooding and greenhouse gas emissions. He appealed to water industry leaders to work together with the public and all other relevant stakeholders to develop robust legislation, strategies, technologies and infrastructure for dealing with these climate change challenges. McCarthy, who joined Black and Veatch in 1976, received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Iowa State University in 1975 and an M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Kansas in 1982.



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