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Hurricane Isabel

Hurricane Isabel one year later: Updating Richmond, Virginia's water system may cost $48 million

A year after Hurricane Isabel left most of the Richmond area without safe drinking water for days, city officials haven't decided whether they can afford to make the system less vulnerable to the loss of electrical power. Whatever they decide will affect more than 500,000 customers in the city and its suburbs because Richmond's Department of Public Utilities is the major source of drinking water for the region and the money would have to come from the rates it charges for water. Richmond Times-Dispatch_ 9/22/04


Two months and $7 million after Hurricane Isabel, Hatteras Village has its water supply and is reconnected to the rest of North Carolina. Now the debate: what to do about development along fragile coastlines? Reuters 12/21/03

Utility spending cuts exacerbated Isabel damage-report.  Reuters/Forbes 10/17/03

Three weeks after Isabel, thousands in Maryland with private wells still are without clean drinking water.  Herald-Mail 10/13/03

The day the taps ran dry. Fairfax County, Virginia officials look back at Hurricane Isabel and plan for the future.  The Connection

Drinking water lines to Hatteras Village more difficult to repair than expected. Water lines were cut by Hurricane Isabel.  AP/Charlotte Observer

No power means no water in Fairfax, Virginia area after Isabel. Officials didn't expect all of the power to go at once.  The Connection

Third Virginia county lifts boil water restrictions imposed after Isabel.  Times Dispatch

Isabel: Richmond, Virginia and two counties lift boil water restrictions. Third county close to ending alert.  Times Dispatch

Newport News, Va. continues boiling water. About 400,000 users affected.  Daily Press

Hurricane Isabel: One of nation's most prosperous counties learns what it's like not to have safe drinking water.  Washington Post

Northern Virginia lifts water restrictions but Isabel cleanup goes on.  Washington Post

North Carolina county-by-county look at Isabel.  AP/Star-News

Water in Washington, D.C. area coming back on after Isabel.  Washington Post

Water, Power Are Casualties of Isabel. More than 1 million without reliable drinking water.  Washington Post/Yahoo

Isabel turns Hatteras Village into an island. Ocean cuts water lines, sending drinking water into the sea.  Virginia Pilot

More about Isabel's impact on water supplies.

Residents of 26 North Carolina counties urged to boil water, use alternate water sources.

Hurricane Isabel knocks out water or contaminates supplies to more than one million in northern Virginia.  Washington Post

Water supplies damaged by Isabel.  Washington Post

Isabel tears through Outer Banks: takes out water, homes.  Virginia Pilot

Fairfax County, Va. water supply plants lose power: Conserve, boil water. Tanker trucks supply parts of Louden County.  leesburg2day

Frederick, Md. water system weathers the storm.  NBC25

Hurricane Isabel knocks out power in Pennsylvania, but not Pennsylvania-American Water.  PR News/Yahoo

Hurricane Isabel knocks out power to water pumping stations in sections of Virginia. Residents without water.  Times Dispatch

Federal inspectors monitoring food and water in aftermath of Hurricane Isabel.  AP/Wired News

EPA Hurricane: Steps to Prepare for Drinking Water Emergencies  Yahoo

FEMA ready to move in water, ice, emergency supplies if Hurricane Isabel hits the East Coast.  Virginia Pilot

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Hurricane Isabel
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