U.S. August 2003, Blackout

Cleveland water system is improved since August, 2003 blackout, but still vulnerable

Shortly after the lights went out in Cleveland last summer, the water dried up, too, for about 1 million residents. Some fixes have since been made that could help the city's water system persist for a while should another extensive outage hit. However, a costly fix assuring backup power through diesel generators has been authorized but is not complete. The Cleveland Division of Water is getting ready to take bids for the two-year project. The Aug. 14 outage darkened homes and businesses in eight states and parts of Canada, affecting 50 million people. Ohio News Network_ 8/4/04


Toledo's water and sewage programs were the envy of the northeast during the Aug. 14 blackout. Now they're getting even more reinforcement. Toledo Blade

Backup generator would have cut New York sewage spill during the blackout. No backup and other faulty generators let 490 million gallons dump into rivers. New York Times (free registration)

Earlier:FEMA to survey water and sewer backup systems in aftermath of blackout. AP/Newsday

FEMA director says Detroit water situation after blackout "unacceptable." Took five days for water use to return to normal. H would be catastrophic. Replacement not online until 2020. NY Daily News

Rockland officials send sheriff to find United Water officials during blackout. New York legislature to hold hearings on what happened. Rockland Journal New

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