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2003 International News

December, 2003

The devastated Iranian city of Bam has enough good quality water. But there is no place to store it. IranMania News 12/31/03

China begins construction on the central section of its ambitious south-to-north water diversion project to ease the severe water shortage around Beijing. Xin Hua 12/30/03

Eighty four percent of drinking water reservoirs in the Tel Aviv region of Israel are unfit for human consumption, according to a report by environmentalists that was presented to the government.  Jerusalem Post 12/29/03

Germany donates three water purification stations to the Iran earthquake relief effort.  AFP/IranMania 12/28/03

South Africa faces its worst drought in 10 years. Emergency water supplies are trucked to more than 3.5-million people.  Sunday Times 12/28/03

Tassie water warning. Unchecked sprawl of agriculture in Tasmania needs to be addressed. The Mercury 12/28/03

Cholera increasing in Tsanzanian capital of Dar es Salaam. Health officials concerned about water shortages. 12/23/03

African minister says water management key to all other issues. This Day News 12/22/03

Botswana: Water is no longer free. And the competition is heating up. 12/21/03

Cholera kills 106 and sickens more than 1,200 in in the impoverished West African state of Mali. WHO says waterborne disease sweeping along the Niger River. Half million more threatened. Reuters 12/18/03

Political opposition accuses Irish government of trying to sneak water charges into effect. Says private water systems will come next. European Politics Network 12/18/03

Guinea capital lacks water, lights despite good rainy season. Disgruntled voters head to the polls but current government likely to remain. AFP/Terra.Wire 12/17/03

Australian farmers impatient with new water-saver's imperfections.  Country News 12/15/03 

Iran and Kuwait sign $1.5 billion deal to construct an undersea pipeline to carry fresh water from Iran to Kuwait.  AFP/ 12/14/03

Pakistan president says new water reservoirs imperative. Pak Tribune 12/14/03

Opinion: Is Sri Lanka moving away from public access to safe water? Officials may have forgotten the lessons of history.  Daily Mirror 12/13/03

Egypt and Kenya in row over rights to Nile River water. Kenya withdraws from 1929 allotment treaty. Kenya is at the Nile's headwaters and Egypt is in the delta.  BBC News 12/12/03

UN conference vows to cut in half by 2015 the 300 million Africans without access to safe water. United Nations/ 12/12/03

Italy on alert for bottled water poisoner and copycats. Nearly a dozen treated at hospitals in recent weeks.  BBC News 12/10/03

North American Development Bank and officials of Matamoros, Mexico break ground a new $77 million wastewater collection and treatment system.  San Antonio Business Journal 12/10/03

Quebec's auditor general warns water supplies of one million Quebecers are at increased risk because operators are not following water-testing rules.  Canadian Press/ 12/9/03

Kuwait pipeline to bring water from Iran.  Aljazeera.Net 12/9/03

UN official asks international donors for $615 million to help 300 million in Africa get clean water.  Reuters 12/8/03

Six-day U.N. African water conference opens today in Addis Ababa. 800 delegates discuss how to cut in half by 2015 the number of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation.  AFP/Terra Daily 12/7/03

Abducted Indian water resources engineers released. Held captive for a month.  Hindustan Times 12/7/03

French floods ease, but thousands have no clean water. Swiss Politics 12/5/03

Thousands in France without drinking water as floods contaminate supplies.  BBC News 12/4/03

Canada ranks second in the world in personal use of water. U.S. is first, according to Canadian study.  Xin Hua 12/3/03

World Bank: Indonesia's dilapidated infrastructure poses more of a threat to human life than terrorism. Only 16% have water piped into household and less than 2% have adequate sewage.  AFP/Channel news asia 12/2/03

UN offers free, online university training for water-management experts. Two billion worldwide currently lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation.  AFP/Business Report 12/1/03

After three years, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia reach agreement on key Mekong River water quality issues.  Bangkok Post 12/1/03 

Asian Development Bank approves U$90 million credit line for improvement of water resources in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City and some industrial zones.  Vietnam Economy 12/1/03

November 2003

Alberta, Canada claims world lead with its $916-million comprehensive water conservation blueprint. Critics say it lacks teeth. Goal is to cut water use 30% in 10 years.  CP/Vive le Canada 11/30/03

The head of Thailand's Provincial Waterworks Authority and his driver die in a car crash. He won awards for leadership and campaigned against using underground water in Bangkok and other cities.  The Nation 11/30/03

From 2010, 40% of water in Israel will need to be artificially produced, analysts warn. Globes 11/30/03

Karachi, Pakistan's underground water supply is so polluted most of it isn't fit to drink, professor warns.  Daily Times 11/29/03

UN working to prevent "humanitarian disaster" in northern Somalia. Sool Plateau faces its worst drought in more than two decades. UN press release 11/26/03

Canadian sewage plants causing pollution in Lake Ontario and other waterways, report says. Toronto Star 11/28/03

Much of England and Wales face water shortages next year, government warns. Big winter rainfall needed. BBC News 11/28/03

Bangladesh adopts 25-year comprehensive national water plan. 11/24/03

Feature: If there's one thing you'd think they have plenty of in Vladivostok, it's water. But there's no hot water and cold water comes only every other day, for a short time.  BBC News 11/24/03

Indian subcontinent water experts call on Asian nations that use water from Tibet to begin discussions and shun harmful practices. They call Tibet "the water tank of Asia."  Times of Tibet 11/24/03

Sydney, Australia water chief investigated over award of public contracts to architect friend.  Sydney Morning Herald 11/24/03

Analysis: Indonesia's effort to privatize its water supply is scaring farmers and others. Based on experience, they have good reason to worry.  Asia Times 11/20/03

Delhi seminar Saturday to highlight the importance of Tibet's water to the Indian subcontinent.  TibetNet 11/20/03

Israeli water company cuts off resort city of Eilat over big unpaid bill.  Arutz Sheva - Israel National News 11/20/03

Number of Ethiopians needing aid set to soar unless new water management plans are successful.  BBC News 11/19/03

26 die in cholera outbreak in northern Zimbabwe, UNICEF reports. Altogether, 173 cases of the highly infectious water-borne disease are reported.  AFP/Yahoo 11/18/03

Polio on the rise in Nigeria. Vaccinations can prevent the water-borne disease. 11/18/03 

First Pan African Implementation and Partnership Conference on Water to be held in Addis Ababa Dec. 8-13. Delegates from 43 African countries expected to attend. 11/17/03

Kazakhstan fines several firms led by foreign investors for water and air pollution. ChevronTexaco's partnership fined $1 million.  Reuters 11/17/03

Contamination from slaughterhouse owned by a government official may have polluted Philippine water system. Manila water company blames old, leaking pipes.  ABS-CBNNEWS.COM 11/16/03

Pfizer to provide free antibiotics to 135 million with eye infections. Trachoma, which causes blindness, is prevalent in areas without clean water and sanitation.  AP/San Francisco Chronicle 11/12/03

Guinea Bissau: No water or electricity in the African nation's capital for three days. Government hasn't paid water workers in a year. No fuel to pump water. 11/12/03

Russian water thieves strike in far eastern port of Vladivostok. Drought has police patrolling for residents who tap home radiators for hot water.  BBC News 11/12/03

In the Philippines, wars are being fought between tribes over vanishing water holes due to fast diminishing forests. Farmers turn to water "witches" for help.  Islam Online 11/12/03

Canadian police and security officials have been quietly warned that Al Qaeda terrorists might try to contaminate food or water with deadly toxins. February report said casualties would be small, but could cause panic. 11/12/03 Canadian Press/Toronto Star

British MPs vote for water fluoridation. Opponents charge "mass medication" but supporters say local actions could reduce childhood tooth decay.  BBC News 11/10/03

Water experts from around the world to meet in Jordan next year. MENAFN.COM 11/10/03

Analysis: Water, not oil, is the Middle East's most critical resource.  Gulf News 11/9/03

Illegal vendors in Saudi Arabia selling wastewater and unclean well water as safe drinking water.  Arab News 11/7/03

Worldwide consortium launches multimillion dollar project to produce more food with less water. Fifty projects selected in nine major river basins in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America.  Science and Development Network 11/6/03

Regional plan needed to solve Middle East and North Africa water shortages. Five percent of world's population but only one percent of the water.  Voice of America 11/6/03

Death toll from contaminated tap water in the Philippines rises to five. Hundreds hospitalized. AFP/Yahoo 11/6/03

Barbados could face severe water problems next year if it doesn't get heavy rain this month and December.  Daily Nation 11/5/03

Dead Sea is dying. Israel and Jordan draining its water supply. Israel proposes engineering fix to bring in new water source.  AP/Salt Lake Tribune 11/4/03

Scottish Parliament committee to conduct inquiry into country's water system. Scots pay higher water bills than rest of Britain.  BBC News 11/4/03

China hopes to have clean water for all rural families by next year. About 26 million in rural areas now lack access to safe water.  China Daily 11/3/03

Water shortages threaten Africa. In 20 years, more than 600 million could lack access to clean water.  BBC News 11/2/03

Prince Charles, head of British charity Water Aid, tours India.  Times of India 11/2/03

October, 2003

Two thirds of China's underground water supply should be treated before drinking and the problem is increasing, says government report. At least 70 million are drinking untreated water.  Xin Hua 10/30/03

Kazakhstan plans dam to save north half of the Aral Sea. It's shrunk 90% in 40 years: "the worst man-made ecological disaster on the planet."  BBC News 10/29/03

Coliform bacteria in drinking water killed four in the Philippines and sent at least 239 others to hospitals.  Philippine News Online 10/29/03  

Wales is running out of water. Environmental monitors predict dry reservoirs in four weeks if no substantial rainfall. Government officials say water being diverted from other areas to meet needs. Western Mail/icnetlink 10/29/03

World Bank tells Vietnam to improve its water resources management. Changes needed to provide clean water and limit the impact of natural disasters.  AFP/Business Report 10/28/03

Talks still holding in Russian-Ukraine water dispute. Russia says it will continue a moratorium on dam construction. Ukraine reported moving more troops to region.  Pravda 10/28/03

Arsenic in Nepal's water wells poisoning 11 million. Thousands of deaths predicted in next 10 years.  OneWorld/Yahoo 10/27/03

China earthquakes damage two dams. Water being lowered to reduce pressure.  Xin Hua 10/26/03

Drought brings new life to plans for UK reservoirs. Seven could be built in southeast England.  BBC News 10/26/03

Water use in Bahrain soaring. Government seeking answers before situation becomes critical.  Gulf Daily News 10/25/03

Tajikistan government officials opted not to warn public of typhoid outbreak to avoid bad publicity during Asian games. Water supply source of outbreak.  Eurasianet 10/24/03  

Ecuador's poor sue Texaco for polluting their drinking water supply.  Washington Post/Boston Globe 10/24/03

Russia stops work on dam disputed by Ukraine. Project has triggered the worst bilateral crisis in a decade between Moscow and its former Soviet neighbor.  Reuters 10/23/03

Half a million people in Angola to benefit from a water supply project to be built by Brazil. 10/23/03

Typhoid 'rampant' in capital of Tajikistan. Government does little to warn public of water-borne infection.  BBC News 10/22/03

UK drought fears: Britain could face a water crisis if there is no significant rain in the next fortnight.  BBC News 10/22/03

BBC Q&A: The UK's looming water crisis. Little rain for months. What's ahead?  BBC News 10/22/03

At least nine investors have applied to build water plants and pipelines as well as renew technology and equipment to reduce water loss in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City.  Vietnam News Agency 10/22/03

Pakistani team in Indian Kashmir to inspect river water project. Pakistanis want to make sure India isn't taking more water than allowed by treaty.  AFP/Yahoo 10/21/03

China promises to solve Beijing's water shortage problems within seven years.  Xin Hua 10/21/03

Saudi town's residents complain of poorly run water agency. Supplies reduced with no notice.  Arab News 10/21/03

South Asian experts call for regional water treaty. Urge India to halt regional river linking project.  The New Nation 10/21/03

Water agencies in drought hit Melbourne, Australia lose the equivalent of 55 Olympic swimming pools of water every day through leaky pipes. Residents are subject to fines for wasting water.  Herald Sun 10/21/03

Trial begins in Ecuador in $1 billion Texaco water pollution allegations. The US oil giant is accused of polluting the country's rainforest and water resources.  BBC News 10/21/03

Nepal and Bangladesh water experts urge India to give up its regional water-linking plan. The Nation 10/19/03

Three illegal drinking water factories discovered in Bangladesh. Sold uninspected water with fake labels certifying it as safe.  Daily Star 10/19/03

A third of new homes in Scotland may have illegal lead solder in the water pipes. Problem is twice as big as initially feared.  BBC News 10/17/03 

South Australia's permanent water restrictions begin next week. "Water police" will be able to question suspected violators. The Advertiser 10/17/03

Palestinian water shortage leads to high costs and black market. Disease comes from contaminated wells. Aljazeera 10/16/03

Regional complaint about major water diversion rekindles Spanish water row. Dispute may go to the European Commission.  Reuters 10/15/03

Dengue fever outbreak in India blamed on monsoon rains and poor sanitation.  Xin Hua 10/14/03

More Brazilians have telephones, refrigerators and TV sets, than access to a proper sewage system, government study says.  Reuters 10/13/03  

Oil-rich Central Asia battles for water.  Stuff 10/13/03

The Euphrates River: Water of life returns to the wetlands a dozen years after Saddam Hussein ordered the marshes of south-eastern Iraq drained.  The Age 10/12/03

South Africans could face severe water restrictions. An eight-month drought, declining dam levels, excessive heat and low rainfalls take their toll throughout much of the country.  IOL 10/12/03

Middle East water expo in Bahrain attracts worldwide proposals. Water solutions include desalination, conservation and a range of technologies. 10/10/03

International Trachoma Initiative and Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council join forces to eliminate trachoma. The preventable blindness spreads rapidly and is caused by unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene.  Business News Wire 10/9/03

Icelandic dam tallest in Europe. But why?  Reuters/Forbes 10/9/03

Water levels in many of Switzerland's rivers and lakes are at an all-time low. Concerns about long-term implications. Swiss Info 10/8/03

Southern Guam's water in crisis. If one pump fails, there's no backup. Governor asked to declare emergency to get spare parts. Guam Pacific Daily News 10/8/03

Turkey plans to give more water to its neighbors to prevent wars. Anadolu Agency/Turkish Press 10/8/03

WHO chief attacks EU water aid delay. Money needed to cut numbers worldwide who lack access to safe drinking water. Financial Times 10/8/03

China, Japan and South Korea sign economic cooperation agreement. Preservation of water resources pledged.  Xinhua 10/7/03

Trucks are delivering water in large section of Suva, the capital of Fiji. Drought conditions are so severe that the hydro-electric plant may have to shut down, blacking out 80% of the power supply.  AFP/Go Asia Pacific

Water purifier salesman in China 'poisoned water' to increase sales.  BBC News

Water crisis looming large in India, study says.  Business Standard

Thousands march in Zaragoza, Spain against government plan to redistribute water resources. The plan would channel more water to Spain's parched Mediterranean coast.  EU Business

September, 2003

Israel has reached an agreement with Turkey to import 15 million gallons of water a year. It is Israel's first imported water deal. No price set yet or means of transportation.  Hi Pakistan

Public water supply near Thailand mine too toxic to drink. Villagers never warned.  Bangkok Post

Disease outbreaks feared as Zimbabwe water authority moves to cut off towns that didn't pay their water bills.

Photo Essay: Life as a water seller in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  BBC News

Feature: Interview with head of World Bank on water issues in Africa.  IRINI/

Beijing mayor, fired over his handling of the SARs crisis, is named head of China's $59 billion North-South water diversion project.  AP/Kansas City Star

French conglomerate Bouygues is the latest to quit UK water market. Disillusioned over tight regulations and low returns.  Dow Jones/Yahoo

India-Bangladesh in water stalemate over joint use of rivers.  BBC

Feature: On Spain's parched coast, water battles offer grim view of the future.  MSNBC 

India and Bangladesh begin talks on India's controversial plans along interlocking rivers.  The Daily Star

More than two years after contaminated water killed seven people and sickened 2,300 in the town of Walkerton, Ont., 61% of the Canadian provinces water systems fail disinfection and quality tests.  National Post

China issues stamp to commemorate the south-to-north water diversion project. Water is diverted from the Yangtze River to the northern drought-ridden area.  Xinhua

German water provider Berlinwasser signs agreement for municipal services in Beijing.  Xinhua

Shanghai, China says it will raise tap water quality to U.S. EPA standards.

Wealthy in Sydney, Australia face A$200 penalty for using too much water.  Sydney Morning Herald

China invites outside investment in $18 billion worth of water and other public works projects.  Xinhua

Water supplies in most China cities inadequate, minister says. Of 600 cities, 110 have serious shortages and 400 have inadequate supply.  Interfax/China

More than 200 protesters from New Delhi ashram take to the streets to protest months of water shortage. Demonstrators claim they are beaten by police. Officers say no incidents occurred.  Express News Service

China and UK face similar water problems. Solutions may be different.  Xinhua

Water shortage close to crisis levels in Middle East: World Bank  AFP/Yahoo

Scottish Water to improve taste of drinking water in north Scotland.  Press and Journal

Water levels promise sections of South Africa a dam fine summer.  IOL

Russia cuts off water to a refugee camp on the border of Chechnya. Effort to force Chechen refugees to go back home.  AFP/Daily Times

Lagos, Nigeria needs $2.5billion to solve its drinking water problem.

The Chiefs and residents of Ghana area levey special tax to drill two safe drinking water wells. Project will stop people from infection by the guinea worm and save children from walking long distances to fetch water.  ghanaweb  

China considering water price cut to help Hong Kong. Deflation in Hong Kong makes current rates difficult to meet.  Reuters/Straits Times

Bangladesh Prime Minister blasts India for a proposed multi-billion-dollar project to connect 37 of its rivers. Violates international law and causes "irreparable damage" in Bangladesh, she says.  AFP/Daily Times

Lack of toilets in Philippine city endangers water supply. One fourth of Cebu City households dump fecal waste directly into the ground.  Sun Star

The water bill was paid when? Nairobi, Kenya's five-star Intercontinental Hotel is challenging a 34-year-old water bill. Tells court it's been paying all along.  Daily Nation

Japan to provide $18.6 million to Vietnam for 24 safe drinking water stations. More than 200,000 to benefit.  Vietnam News Agency

Lebanon needs water policy, minister says. "Abundant water resources are useless if they cannot be harnessed."  Daily Star

India investigation of pesticides in soft drinks expanding to liquor, juice, ice tea, milk and even bottled water.  Express India

Toronto's earthy-smelling water safe to drink. It's just Lake Ontario in the Fall.  Canada Newswire

FEATURE: Suicides, water riots and strikes over southern India's Cauvery River are an acrimonious preview to predicted worldwide water conflicts.  Asia Times

South London water back on. Burst main left 4,000 dry.  BBC News


Day Four: Thousands still without water in South London. "How can I serve a man tea without water?" icSouthLondon

China's rapidly growing cities are polluting their water supplies and costing the economy dearly, according to government experts.   Xinhua

Haiti gets low-tech drinking water aid. Engineers Without Frontiers offers assistance.  Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Melbourne, Australia to get permanent water restrictions. No more hosing driveways. Ever.  The Age

Montreal drinking water fine, authorities assure public. Government official who raised questions misinformed, city says.

Montreal government split over water quality. Doesn't meet international standards, claims member of government. Yes it does, says   Premier Jean Charest.  CBC Montreal

UK's South West Water urged to do more to tackle water pollution.   Western Morning News

Water conservation in the arid Arab world key issue for discussion at international conference next month.

Anger in South London as water shortage continues. Third day of no water for 4,000 after main breaks.  BBC News

South London residents stand in line for water.  ThisisLondon

Thousands in South London without water for third day. Hospitalsupplied by tanker. Thames Water says other water lines had to be shut off to fix broken main.     BBC NEWS

Millions in UK struggle to pay utility bills. Nearly five million in debt to their water company.  BBC News

Water department wins first place in Malaysian town's parade. Captures marching band and fashion titles.  Daily Express

Final Notice: Nairobi, Kenya to cut off water to hotels and government offices that haven't paid their bills. No exceptions, says city council.

Rhine River lowest in places in more than 100 years. Hot, dry European summer still not over.  Reuters

Pakistan president says new dams and water reservoirs are "imperative." Blasts construction opponents. PakTribune  

Entire Australian mainland now under water use restrictions. Sydney area latest to set rules as Australia heads toward summer.

UN official calls Africa water conference a success. Follow-up meeting scheduled for December. VOA News

At World Trade Organization summit, the local water district is a Suez subsidiary and water privatization is an issue.

Africa could face water wars if the powers of the mighty Nile, Zambezi, Senegal and other rivers aren't properly shared, conference warned. Newsday

Sabotage cuts water line to Kirkuk, Iraq. City north of Baghdad to be without water for three days. AFP/Arab Times

China hosting international training for rainwater harvesting. The nation's most successful province built 2.53 million pits that catch rainwater for 2.52 million people and irrigate thousands of acres. Xinhua

FEATURE: Bangladesh faces deadly danger in its water. Arsenic seriously contaminates wells used by millions. Reuters

Dozens die in northern Nigeria cholera outbreak.

Bodies of fighters killed in Liberia found in water wells in southeastern port city. Thousands rely on the wells for drinking water. WHO fears disease outbreak.

UK Environment Minister rejects fluoride by force. Local agreement needed first. BBC News

Vancouverites stop flushing toilets, showering to conserve water. Officials issue frantic warnings. CP

China launches $2.8 billion, 10-year plan to curb pollution along part of its huge water diversion project. XINHUA
India water plan could drive Bangladesh out of existence, officials charge. Bangladesh argues Inter-River Basin Water Transfer project violates international water laws and conventions.

London children have unacceptably high rate of rotten and missing teeth. Dentists urge Parliament to require water fluoridation. Evening Standard/ThisisLondon

The heavily populated state ringing Mexico City wants US$2.5 billion in compensation for water delivered to the country's capital. Mexico City pumps much of its water from outside. Both city and suburbs are booming. AP/Environmental News Service
Liberian capital festering with cholera and other diseases, sanitation is virtually non-existent and clean water supplies perilously low, U.N. says. No regular garbage pickup in the city of 1 million since 1996.
Malaysia, Singapore take long-running water dispute to arbitration. The Star
Botswana-based Tswana Care reaches agreement with Zimbabwe to supply water purification chemicals. The Reporter/

Uganda Parliament seeks compensation from Egypt and Sudan for heavy costs incurred in restoring and maintaining the Nile's water quality. New Vision/


Mozambique water company comes from near-bankruptcy to a new image. Portuguese water company helped keep it solvent.
Leaders of 10 African and Caribbean nations agree on financing plan to stop the alarming loss of fertile land. Loss threatens to turn farmlands into deserts and cause drought and famine. Financial Gazette/
Vladivostok declares state of emergency, following an acute water shortage. Despite rationing, large sections of the city are dry. BBC
Mexican president fires environment and energy ministers. Electric outages and water pollution key issues. L.A.Times

Cholera epidemic in Liberian capital has peaked, WHO officials hope. "There is still an epidemic," official warns. IRIN/
Cholera epidemic rages through the Liberian capital where hundreds of thousands lack sanitation. Chlorine to purify water was stolen during fighting. Reuters/

Central Asia water forum ends with appeal to make water a new international strategic goal. IRIN
China plans to bring safe water to 16 million rural residents by next year. Xinhua

Five million South Africans still need access to a basic water supply. South African Press Assn./
Iran official calls for international protection of fresh water during wartime. IRIB

A reputation for corruption keeps Nigeria from huge water projects, conference told.
UN leader urges world to cut deaths from waterborne diseases in half.

Millions of poor women and girls in Africa hit hardest by water needs. Many spend three hours each day hauling water. IPS News

Australian government reaches historic water sharing agreement. Initial $500 million will aid ailing rivers.

Much of Calcutta's drinking water is contaminated by excrement, new government report says. Little has been done since the problem first was reported 18 years ago. BBC News
UK firms plead for significantly higher water prices to repair infrastructure. Consumers already underwriting those costs, opponents argue. BBC News

PAKISTAN: New UN study shows half the population lacks safe water. IRIN News

World Bank's role in water projects. It can't do it all alone. The Guardian

Feature: UN warns of 21st century water crisis. One billion lack safe drinking water and 3 billion don't have access to sanitation. Mainichi Daily News
Montrealers use too much water: study. Are meters on the way? CBC Montreal
The five nations of Central Asia share limited water resources. UN-sponsored conference explores juggling demands. Radio Free Europe
Mozambique needs $1 billion to double its supplies of clean water.
Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique/
Nigeria faces acute shortage of safe drinking water.

India gets $181 million World Bank water and sanitation project oan. Reuters/Forbes

Water shortage shuts Romania's only nuclear reactor.  Plant supplies 10 percent of nation's power.   Bloomberg

Zambezi River water project mired in Zimbabwe politics. Opponents blame president for ignoring region's needs. All

Baganda in US raise $12,000 for clean water in Uganda. New well to serve 5,000 users who lack access to running water. All

All new buildings in Indian state required to harvest rainwater. Kerala News

International bribery has "devastating impact" on society, South African judge warns. Canadian firm convicted of bribing local water official. Business Report

Australia finances two clean water stations in Vietnam. Vietnam News Agency  

Saudi Arabia invites national and international companies to participate in water desalination and electricity project. Nation is world leader in desalinization. Arab News

Australian PM Pitches A$500M Package For Water Plan. It's the centerpiece of government effort to set Australia on a path of sustainable water use. Dow Jones/Yahoo

Earlier: Australian Prime Minister John Howard hopes national water reform plan near. ABC News Online

UNICEF distributes water equipment in drought-hit Ethiopia. AFP/Terra Daily 

$3.2M settlement. Parasite in Saskatchewan drinking water made700 ill. The Globe and Mail

British water and sewage firms under tough environmental clean up deadline. Will they make it? Reuters

Italians launch study of heavy metals in Kosovo water and soil. Agenzia Giornalistica Italia

Half of Chinese cities offer free water and sewer services. Officials push for urban fee system. Shanghai Daily

Vancouver water supply down 50%. Lowest in 15-20 years.

Forty years after independence, Kenyans still get contaminated water. Daily Nation 

New Zealand water bug threatens town's supplies.

Dominion Post

Tighter water restrictions for Taipei?
Decision later this month.
China Post


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